Does our Val Only product suit your client?

With something for everyone – that’s probably a YES!

Does our Val Only product suit your client? 

With something for everyone – that’s probably a YES!

Because with our famous Val Only product we lend against the value of the property, not the Borrower’s profile.

So it’s right for clients that fit into standard lending criteria and those that don’t. Credit impaired clients, bankruptcy cases or those who just want a simple, no-fuss loan.

• NO application forms
• NO evidenced exit
• NO proof of clean credit
• NO proof of income, funds or affordability, just a Val Report

Whilst Val Only suits credit impaired cases, flexible exits and non-traditional loan purposes, we’re seeing an increase in demand from those Borrowers that do fit standard lending criteria. Like Mr Halliwell…

Mr Halliwell ran a well established business in South East London and needed to raise funds for an upcoming, time-sensitive investment. He had good credit and fit the criteria for our Low Rate product. 

Mr Halliwell’s main priority was a speedy, no-fuss approach, so we proceeded with our Val Only product for faster funds and fewer questions and documentation, leaving him to concentrate on his business affairs.

So if you think you know Val Only, maybe it’s time to think again. Whatever your client’s situation, it could be right up their street.

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