Rebridging is like predicting the weather… Sometimes things don’t always go to plan.

2020 has taught us a lot, not only can you or your clients face the impact of factors like the weather on a house project, there are other situations that may result in needing refinance.

When can a re-bridge help?


·      The existing loan is coming to an end but it's still required, due to a refurbishment or build not being finished.

·      To repay an existing loan and raise further funds.

·      There is a better deal available for them to move to.


SoMo are specialists in Bridging cases like this, in fact we've seen a 20% increase in refinancing enquiries in the first quarter of 2021.


We offer:

·      68% LTV on second charge Bridging loans across the UK.

·      70% LTV on first charge Bridging loans across the UK.

·      An experienced team of BDMs and Underwriters.

·      A simple process - no application forms and paperless until completion.

·      Loans for various types of people, including limited companies, ex-pats, self-employed, people with credit blips and more.

·      Open Market Value lending (for first and second charge purposes), not against the 180 or 90 day rule.


That’s SoMo.


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