Welcome to the SoMo website, the new home for the BridgeCrowd

We're excited to launch our new website and new name.

Welcome to our new home. 

We launched the BridgeCrowd 8 years ago and we’ve had a stable and steady growth since inception.  Over this period there has been many new younger entrants to the market with similar sounding names.

We are Social Money Limited. We help people improve their finances by borrowing and lending. And so, the BridgeCrowd is now evolving into SoMo.

The SoMo brand is an evolution for the business. We began as a crowd funding platform and now have a large variety of investors and institutional funding lines, this provides us with a wider variety of loans and more firepower to help our brokers, clients and investors. 


To us it's not just about a shiny new look, it's all anchored to the evolution of the business, our culture, mindset and evolving product range. Our new name SoMo gives us the flexibility to house future offerings under one roof. 

We will continue to focus on what we do best - delivering great service, competitive products and an offering that stands head and shoulders above the crowd. We are approachable and easy to deal with and that's how we will continue to be.

The brand new website is a real reflection of the current specialist lending market, it is educational, solution and relationship centric and our people are very much equal to that. They are at the heart of what we do. 


Thankfully, due to our structure of being both a crowd funder and now having institutional support, it allows us to have greater flexibility to support our key partners. We are a lender that does not underwrite nor lend in boxes. We can be creative with the support of our partners. 







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